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The Translators on Crowdcast

It took me a while to figure out how to structure my activities, projects and peer2peer communication. But I have all the components together now. Regarding videos for webinars, tips and tricks, interviews, etc., I first thought Lives on Facebook would be fun, but to...

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Taking “barrier-free” a step further

Barrier-free means that the content you provide is accessible to a large group of people who suffer from various conditions, including impaired sight, cognitive and other physical disabilities, but also persons with dyslexia.

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Efficient email communication

Nowadays, emails are rarely a substitute for a normal letter. They are mainly used to exchange information. Not only does reading emails take a long time, writing them does, too. That is why it makes sense to focus on what is relevant. We live in a time where time is...

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First Impressions Matter – Make It Count

Guest post by Karie Price: You deserve to have an Impactful Introduction and I’m hosting a FREE 5-day challenge, where I’m breaking down the elements to help you craft an Impactful Introduction that you can use everywhere!

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Kiss that frog: Chain of thoughts in 3 acts

As a freelancer, you have to kiss a lot of frogs until you’ve gathered an army of princes around you (client base). I know that very well, after almost 13 years in business. There were some toads, too! During my freelancing career, I’ve entered about 280 addresses...

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May I invite you to the Babel Camp in Prague?

If you've followed my new Instagram account, you'll have noticed that I have a speaking gig coming up on Sept 10 in Prague. It's not for at translation-related event, so I am pretty excited! When people ask me what I love about Prague, I always say that the spirit in...

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