Every now and then, we need to treat our digital home to a makeover to ensure that it’s inviting and serves its purpose. So in July, I treated my website to a complete makeover. And you are being redirected to this article because you tried to find something that’s no longer here. But do not fear, nothing is lost. Most sections that do not address clients have moved elsewhere. Check out the information below for new links!

The 1,000,000 Mile Challenge for Translators and Interpreters

This exciting challenge got its own website when we launched the 3rd Edition. This was important to me because having the challenge on my own website was giving me credits I don’t deserve (speaking of Google juice here). But the challenge is about YOU! So naturally, the 1,000,000 Mile Challenge moved to www.1000000miles.com. Also new: you can only participate by joining the challenge on Endomondo. While this wasn’t acceptable for some, it wasn’t acceptable for us to monitor mileage entries for more than 200 participants – in our spare time. ;)

The page For Translators

The page For Translators no longer exists. But that does not mean that the newsletter for translators no longer exists. See the footer section of this website for all the links you need. This also applies for information on my Online Courses for Translators on Teachable, the darLINGS Community on Facebook, and more. Just scroll all the way down to the end of this page.

So, either way, I hope you’re enjoying your visit on this website. I did a good spring cleaning, even if it was in the middle of summer, right?! If you’re missing any other information, please get in touch through my contact form. Thank you!