It’s finally online! To launch on June 1, 2017!!

As some of you might know, I decided to create an online school for freelance translators. Reason being that my little baby girl has become my top priority and traveling to conferences and doing workshops isn’t really an option for the time being. I have quite a number of courses in mind, some are already drafted (including one named Freelance Like A Pro). But you gotta start somewhere, right?

So the first course I’m offering is Build Your Website in 30 Days Using WordPress: The first online course that helps you build a functional and informative website for your translation business in 30 manageable units.

There’s an early-bird option. So you can enroll in the course now until May 31, 2017, for just 39 Euro. After that, the course will be available for 69 Euro.

Everything you need to know, including the curriculum and FAQs can be found on the course page.

If creating your own website is something you’ve put off for a long time, now is your chance to start. I’ll walk you through all the scary stuff. And if you’re not sure about where to host your website, I recommend you have a look at my special offer for translators so you can start with creating your content right away. If you host with me, you’ll save up to 167 Euro per year, because my hosting comes with a bunch of free goodies. Check it out here: Website Starter Package

Now, if you’re asking yourself how a translator can be a WordPress geek and hoster, let me tell you. Up until 2016, I wasn’t just active as a freelance translator, but I ran a corporate communications agency. We offered copy creation, web design (which I was in charge of), graphic design, photography, corporate branding, public relations and more. There you go! Hence, I still tend to those clients who have hosted their websites with us.

Even if you don’t need the WordPress course right now, I still recommend you sign up to my online school to receive notifications when I put other courses online. You can sign up here: Online Courses For Translators