Closing down @missgeschicke, hello @thexl8ors

Some people might think it’s a crazy thing to do, shutting down a Twitter account with 1,155 followers and asking them to follow an account with less than 200 followers. But I’d like to call it my personal Twitter evolution. My better-known account (@missgeschicke) started out as a personal account, linking to my personal blog. First of all, I no longer maintain that blog and secondly, the wordplay in that name only makes sense to a German-speaking audience.

So I am really hoping that you will follow me on my newer Twitter account: @thexl8ors. It will be a business account with a personal twist, minus the automatic feed from my personal FB profile.

Also, if you have a Twitter account and I am not following you yet, feel free to drop your handle in the comments and tell me a little bit about your tweets and what to expect. As for my tweets, like I said, they will be mainly about the translation business, some self-promotion including links to webinars, posts, workshops, special offers for freelance translators, and of course I will be on the lookout for other peoples’ great content to share with you. And every now and then, I’ll sprinkle my feed with a little “Tanya flavor”.

So, what is your Twitter handle and what can we expect to find there? Tweet you soon!

Tanya (@thexl8ors)