You have as few as 7 seconds to make a first impression.

7 seconds.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to say much about what you do in just 7 seconds. So you shy away from opportunities to put yourself out there because you just don’t know what to say. You WANT to make a good first impression. You WANT to make those valuable connections and find your next client. But you’re holding yourself back.

But what if you had an introduction that could uniquely position you in your market and have people wanting to know more? An introduction that gave you confidence to boldly put yourself out there, making more connections, building your business faster, because you knew it packed a punch? An introduction that allowed you to make the most out of each and every opportunity to introduce yourself. Because you never know who is listening – it may even be your next client!

I want to help you achieve that!

You deserve to have an Impactful Introduction and I’m hosting a FREE 5-day challenge, where I’m breaking down the elements to help you craft an Impactful Introduction that you can use everywhere!

For 5 days starting Monday, December 12, 2016, you’ll receive an email prompt with an activity to complete which will take about 15 minutes. At the end of the 5-days, you’ll have an introduction you can’t wait to use!

Oh, and there will be prizes!

I can’t wait to help you!

Karie Price | Brand Messaging Coach
Make Your Message ROAR™
Relatable. One-of-a-kind. Actionable. Reliable.

Karie Price

Guest author Karie Price

Karie is a Brand Messaging Coach helping women business owners who are struggling to stand out in their market to find and own the words to Make their Message ROAR™. With more than 20 years of experience in business and branding, she guides her clients to uncover and master their Relatable, One-of-a-kind, Actionable, and Reliable message, so that they can boldly and confidently own their place in their market. |

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