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If you want to spend money on a gift for yourself this Holiday Season, opt for the bp16Conf video package. Not only because it includes rare footage of me with a huge belly and breathless, but also because you get

 27 interesting and enlightening sessions, each about 50 minutes long
Top speakers, such as Valeria Aliperta, Inga Michaeli, Alison Hughes, Ellen Singer and others
A 20 € discount for next years bp17Conf in Budapest

The regular price for the video bundle is 60€ plus taxes.
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CPD live is even better!

I’ve had a thing for the bp conferences ever since I attended the 2014 edition in Budapest. In 2015, I attended the one in Zagreb and this year I enjoyed the one in Prague. Luckily, I had the chance to speak at all three of them.

What I love about bp? First of all, there’s this amazing host, Csaba Ban. He does an amazing job firing up the audience well before the actual conference. He does so on Facebook—check out the event page here. He also has a great talent for putting together a program that features interesting speakers and relevant topics. These conferences are never dull! And then there’s the fringe events, before, during and after the conference with day trips, city tours, etc. So in addition to the great talks, participants also get to learn more about the country where the conferences take place.

Here’s two pics from the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia in 2015. We had fun. :)
Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes

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Did you by any chance already have a look at the videos? If so, please feel free to leave a short review in the comments.