Have you as a translator or interpreter ever found it strange how people outside of the profession see us and our motivation to do the job? Some of the most common comments I get from “outsiders” are:

  • “Oh, that’s tough! I can imagine it’s hard to make a living.”
  • “Isn’t it boring to just work with copy that other people have created? Where’s your fun in it?”
  • “Cool, you can work in your PJs!”
  • “Okay, and you will do this until… [you find a proper job]?
  • “Oh, so work with Google Translate?”

As mentioned above, these are only some of the responses I get. I am sure you’ve heard many more, some amusing, and some that make you want to give them a high 5. In the face. With a keyboard.

But instead of giving in to that notion, lets focus on the positive. In the comments, I want you leave your favorite reasons (max. 5 per comment) why you love your job.

I will go first and list my three favorite reasons why I love to translate. I’m curious to read yours!