If you’ve followed my new Instagram account, you’ll have noticed that I have a speaking gig coming up on Sept 10 in Prague. It’s not for at translation-related event, so I am pretty excited! When people ask me what I love about Prague, I always say that the spirit in Prague reminds me of Berlin 10 years ago. I’m not saying that Prague is behind. But considering that the economy here has a bit of catching up to do, it’s really fun to work with people here. There’s this special energy in the air, although they are really up to date on everything media. Social media marketing and digital marketing do not fall short here.

So participating at the Babel Camp 2016 also means that I feel obliged to stir my network and have my share in making the event known outside the borders of the Czech Republic. And I will happily do so! Because they do expect an international audience.

After having a chat with the organizer, Adam Zbiejczuk, I decided that I want to take along someone. Not just to hear my talk about social and digital marketing in an international context, but also to hear the other 14 brilliant speakers, including Mick Griffin from Brand24, Iva Soldo from Bamboo Lab, Eliška Vyhnánková, Andrea Hurychová from WeDigital.cz and others. And not to forget the awesome afterparty!

It’s a first come, first serve thing. If you’d like to join me for this event, send me an email at connect@the-translators.com and I’ll be happy to take you with me. Please note that you’ll have to cover your travel and accommodation expenses yourself. But Prague is really worth it, even a short trip will be fun. And hey, you get to hang out with me!

You can of course register yourself, in case you want to avoid having that IOU feeling for the rest of your life (that’s how amazing I think this conference will be). Tickets for the Babel Camp are available starting from 38 Euro (there’s also a 50 % ticket for students and a VIP ticket you might want to consider).

Babel Camp is back with its 4th edition. Better, bigger and in a new stunning location in Prague. We have created the conference with the goal to bring together people who have real-life and hands-on experience with social media from all different perspectives. We believe social media might really mean a revolution: the new way of communication. It goes far beyond marketing and fishing for likes.

∼ Adam Zbiejczuk, Organizer Babel Camp

Opportunities for companies:
Hire your next media guru right off the spot!

Okay, maybe not off the spot, but this year’s Babel Camp offers a great platform to get to know young and not so young professionals seeking new career opportunities. They are hungry, as Steve Jobs once put it. So get in touch with the organizer and staff your crew with the right people.

Calling all media people
from Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Dresden…

Why spend hundreds of Euros on an event in Germany, when you can have the same experience in Prague for less?

Okay, I’m not being fair. There’s some really good events in Germany, too, and some are even affordable. But you should consider visiting Prague. Accommodation and food are cheap and the quality and service are excellent. The Czechs are not only experts in all things beer (check out the Beer Museum [it’s a pub] on Náměstí Míru), but also at homemade lemonades! And the meat… Oh, don’t even get me started on good reasons to visit Prague. I don’t want you saying I should start writing for their tourist portal. But I am saying this could promise to be a fun trip, you know? And you’d get to hear some really good talks on what makes your (work) world go round.

So look outside the box—or across borders—and benefit from hearing how others are doing it; they might have totally new approaches and spark some thoughts you otherwise wouldn’t have.