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To sell your products in other countries, you need professionals for development, sales, and logistics. But successful foreign relations start with the translation of your website, brochures, and manuals. Successful sales start with creating customer relationships. Any customer relationship starts with communication. So treat your potential and existing customers abroad with quality content, just like you do in your home country.


Marketing communications are tricky. Addressing readers appropriately, using the right tone of voice and finding the right words — all of these are key factors for successful communication, especially in corporate communications. Wrapping the core of your message with the perfect words, that is our passion. We will find the right phrases when they don’t find you, with a sense for your target audience, their culture, and always keeping your objectives in mind.

Project Management

The Translators is not a traditional translation agency. We collaborate with great professional translators to cover most language combinations and specializations to suit your specific needs. Whether we put together a dedicated team for your project and take care of project management, communication, and administration, or get you in touch with our trusted colleagues: Your multi-lingual project will be in good hands. You can take our word for it.


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Make your Business our Business

We are driven by the passion for delivering outstanding service. Which is also the result of our entrepreneurial mindset. Above all, our aim is to build lasting relationships with our clients, helping them to gain momentum in their target markets and ensuring that their operations run smooth in terms of corporate communications abroad.

Join the ranks of our happy clients today!

Tanya Quintieri

Lead Translator & Talent Manager, The Translators

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”Tanya always delivers perfect results on time and budget. We are always excited about her ability to deeply understand even complex IT- or business-related matters. It’s a personal pleasure to recommend Tanya’s services to everyone who is searching for premium quality.”


”Thank you very much for the excellent English to German translation you have done for us. We would recommend your services to any other company with pleasure, as well as work together with you again in similar projects.”


”Mrs. Quintieri works as a very reliable vendor, absolutely on time and the translation results are in a high quality. As a person, Mrs. Quintieri is very authentic and honest. I can give best references.”

Michael Krause, BRAINUP AG

”It would be unimaginable not to recommend a brilliant person like Tanya. Every time we work together, I find myself amazed by her unlimited creativity, constant surge of excellent ideas, her no-bullshit attitude, and unrestrained energy.”


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